Collection of Manually Curated Inferences of Regulons in Prokaryotic Genomes
-- version 3.2 --

Collection of regulogs for Purine (RF00167) RNA regulatory element

The Purine riboswitch, also known as G-box, is a highly conserved RNA structure that is involved in the regulation of purine salvage and biosynthesis in Bacteria. Originally, the G-box motif was discovered in the untranslated leader regions of five purine metabolism operons in Bacillus subtilis that are regulated by a transcription termination mechanism in response to the presence of hypoxanthine and guanine [12923093]. A riboswitch that recognizes guanine and discriminates against other purine analogs was then discovered in the leader region of the B. subtilis xpt and purE genes [12787499]. Another member of the G-box regulon in B. more

Phylum Regulog RNA regulons (studied genomes) RNA sites
Firmicutes Purine - Bacillales 11 (11) 49
Firmicutes Purine - Clostridiaceae 15 (20) 41
Firmicutes Purine - Lactobacillaceae 12 (15) 18
Firmicutes Purine - Staphylococcaceae 7 (7) 7
Firmicutes Purine - Streptococcaceae 11 (15) 11
Proteobacteria Purine - Shewanellaceae 5 (16) 7
Proteobacteria Purine - Vibrionales 6 (10) 6
Thermotogae Purine - Thermotogales 2 (11) 2