Collection of Manually Curated Inferences of Regulons in Prokaryotic Genomes
-- version 3.2 --

Orthologous regulated operons containing kdgF gene

Regulog: UxuR1 - Rhodobacterales
Regulator type: Transcription factor
Regulator family: GntR/Others
Regulation mode:
Biological process: Glucuronate utilization; Galacturonate utilization
Effector: Glucuronate; Galacturonate
Phylum: Proteobacteria/Alpha
Built upon 3 sites [see more]
Orthologous operons
Operon Position Score Sequence Locus Tag of the First Gene
Rhodobacter sphaeroides 2.4.1
Position: -81
Score: 8.45269
Locus tag: RSP_0488
Name: uxaC
Funciton: Uronate isomerase (EC
Locus tag: RSP_0487
Name: uxuP
Funciton: TRAP-type hexuronate transport system, periplasmic component
Locus tag: RSP_0485
Name: uxuQ
Funciton: TRAP-type hexuronate transport system, small permease component
Locus tag: RSP_0484
Name: uxuM
Funciton: TRAP-type hexuronate transport system, large permease component
Locus tag: RSP_0483
Name: kdgF
Funciton: Pectin degradation protein KdgF
Locus tag: RSP_0482
Name: kduI
Funciton: 4-deoxy-L-threo-5-hexosulose-uronate ketol-isomerase (EC
Locus tag: RSP_0481
Name: kduD
Funciton: 2-deoxy-D-gluconate 3-dehydrogenase (EC
Locus tag: RSP_0480
Name: uxuB
Funciton: D-mannonate oxidoreductase (EC
uxaC-uxuP-uxuQ-uxuM-kdgF-kduI-kduD-uxuB -81 8.5 GCATACT-(1)-GCATATT RSP_0488