Collection of Manually Curated Inferences of Regulons in Prokaryotic Genomes
-- version 3.2 --

Collection of regulogs for TunR transcription factor family

General statistics
TF regulogs 2
TF regulons 12
TF binding sites 49

TunR family of transcriptional factors comprises novel predicted regulators of molybdenum and tungsten homeostasis in sulfate-reducing delta-Proteobacteria. Some of these regulators activate ModABC, high-affinity molybdenum and tungsten transporting system, while others are repressors of TSUP (toluene sulfonate uptake) family transporters. They also may regulate other transporters, molybdo- and tungstoenzymes and molybdopterin binding proteins. TunR-family regulators are composed of an N-terminal DNA binding domain (PF00589) similar to phage integrase/recombinase and two molybdate/tungsten-binding domains (PF03459) that are also found in ModE-family regulators. more

Phylum Regulog TF regulons (studied genomes) TFBSs Logo
Proteobacteria/delta TunR - Desulfovibrionales 8 (10) 37
Proteobacteria/delta TunR2 - Desulfovibrionales 4 (10) 12