Collection of Manually Curated Inferences of Regulons in Prokaryotic Genomes
-- version 3.2 --

Orthologous regulated operons containing SGR_4435 gene

Regulog: Rex - Streptomycetaceae
Regulator type: Transcription factor
Regulator family: Rex
Regulation mode: repressor
Biological process: Energy metabolism
Effector: NADH
Phylum: Actinobacteria
Built upon 36 sites [see more]
Orthologous operons
Operon Position Score Sequence Locus Tag of the First Gene
Streptomyces griseus subsp. griseus NBRC 13350
Position: -38
Score: 5.29203
Locus tag: SGR_4433
Name: SCO3101
Funciton: Putative lipoprotein
Locus tag: SGR_4434
Name: mazG
Funciton: Triphosphate pyrophosphohydrolase MazG
Locus tag: SGR_4435
Name: SGR_4435
Funciton: Tetratricopeptide TPR_4
Locus tag: SGR_4436
Name: cyp16
Funciton: Putative cytochrome P450 hydroxylase
SCO3101-mazG-SGR_4435-cyp16 -38 5.3 TTGTGCACTGATGCACAA SGR_4433