Collection of Manually Curated Inferences of Regulons in Prokaryotic Genomes
-- version 3.2 --

Orthologous regulated operons containing CYA_1105 gene

Regulator type: RNA regulatory element
Name: Cobalamin
RFAM: RF00174
Regulation mode:
Biological process: Cobalamin biosynthesis
Effector: Adenosylcobalamin
Phylum: Cyanobacteria
Orthologous operons
Operon Position Score Sequence Locus Tag of the First Gene
Synechococcus sp. JA-3-3Ab
Position: -182
Score: 46.66
Locus tag: CYA_1108
Name: btuB
Funciton: Outer membrane vitamin B12 receptor BtuB
Locus tag: CYA_1107
Name: cfrX
Funciton: Predicted cobalamin biosynthesis-related protein
Locus tag: CYA_1106
Name: cbiW
Funciton: Putative ferredoxin
Locus tag: CYA_1105
Name: CYA_1105
Funciton: Hypothetical protein
btuB-cfrX-cbiW-CYA_1105 -182 46.7 GAGGAAAGCCGTGCC... CYA_1108