Collection of Manually Curated Inferences of Regulons in Prokaryotic Genomes
-- version 4.0 --

Orthologous regulated operons containing arcD gene

Regulog: TnrA - Bacillales
Regulator type: Transcription factor
Regulator family: MerR
Regulation mode: repressor (activator)
Biological process: Nitrogen assimilation
Effector: NrgB, ammonium uptake protein; NrgA, ammonium uptake protein; Feedback-inhibited GlnA, glutamine synthetase
Phylum: Firmicutes
Built upon 304 sites [see more]
Orthologous operons
Operon Position Score Sequence Locus Tag of the First Gene
Bacillus clausii KSM-K16
Position: -173
Score: 4.23958
Locus tag: ABC3733
Name: arcD
Funciton: Arginine/ornithine antiporter ArcD
Locus tag: ABC3732
Name: pucH
Funciton: Allantoinase (EC
Locus tag: ABC3731
Name: null
Funciton: Glutamyl-tRNA(Gln) amidotransferase subunit A
arcD-pucH-ABC3731 -173 4.2 TGTAAACAATCCTAACA ABC3733